Healthcare Software and its Advancements

Healthcare Software

There has been a significant advancement in technology in recent times with companies breaking new grounds in the area of artificial intelligence, chatbots, 3D technology and simulations and Machine learning. This advancement has also spread into the healthcare industry in the form of Healthcare SoftwareOne of the most frequently used healthcare software is Machine learning or as some call it Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning for Healthcare is using this great advancement in technology to make the healthcare industry more efficient. Many industries besides the Healthcare Industry,  use machine learning for more efficiency. Some of these industries are Marketing and Sales, Financial Services, Government, Transportation and  Oil and Gas.
Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines. Computer scientists and mathematicians continue to improve in the advancement of Artificial intelligence with groundbreaking results. The overall goal of Artificial Intelligence is to allow computers and machines to think for themselves essentially letting them to not only solve problems but identify these problems, and improve on ways to prevent them.


Healthcare Software

Many researchers believe that Artificial Intelligence will be one of the major areas that will revolutionize change in industries and that the healthcare industry will be one of the first industries to reap the benefits of this new technology.

When talking about Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence it is important to mention Big Data and the role it plays. More and more data is being produced as digital capacity and cloud storage continues to evolve. The amount of data is growing at an exponential rate. Researchers have shown that in 2013, digital data was significantly more that 4.4 zettabytes and that by 2020 the data we create, copy and store annually will reach 44 zettabytes to put things in better perspective, 44 trillion gigabytes.

Now we process all this data around us, convert them into useful information and are able to create knowledge. However, when it comes to big data and the rate at which it’s growing, we will need artificial intelligence to be able to keep track. We will also need it for efficiency. Imagine the manpower and time it will take to process tons and tons of data. And the more the data the higher the chance of human error. When it comes to healthcare, the less error the better. Artificial intelligence is a more efficient and convenient way to handle and process this data.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence is revolutionizing healthcare. It has a promising future as many health organizations and professional show great interest in it. Some of the ways artificial intelligence can revolutionize healthcare are:

Early and Precise Diagnosis

Healthcare Software

Artificial intelligence algorithms can analyze millions of samples quickly and efficiently and identify useful patterns. This is a very useful advantage when it comes to treating, preventing, and caring for patients with dangerous diseases. Detecting the symptoms on time and correct diagnosis can lead to an early and complete cure. A wrong or untimely diagnosis can be fatal. Stanford and Google provide some case studies of the advantage of AI in healthcare.

Normally when patients feel ill they go to a doctor who gives them a diagnosis and prescriptions. Some patients instead of going to the doctor go online instead and self-diagnose. This is sometimes a very bad decision as they could misdiagnose themselves and a potentially serious illness could get unchecked. With Artificial intelligence assistants, they could provide clinical and outpatient services to people in an efficient way. The AI-powered chatbot could ask patients their symptoms and with the information provide prescriptions and even advise patients on when to see a doctor. This reduces hospital visits giving doctors more time to attend to more serious cases and also provided individuals with accurate information.

Dynamic Care

Healthcare Software

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence can be used to diagnose illnesses but AI can also be used to identify the right treatment paths and adapt it to changes in patient health. This kind of dynamic care is useful in cases where a different path of treatment can be used in the same disease when it is in a baby as opposed to an adult. AI will help identify these nuances and provide the most efficient treatment plan.

The coming together of Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence is no doubt groundbreaking with the potential to produce more amazing results in the future. It’s the next step for Hospitals and Health professionals that care about being proactive.